Inspirational (& functional) AAC Therapy

In honor of Dr. King, and all of the inspirational contributions he has made – I would like to share some  inspiring therapy I happened upon a few weeks ago. For those who don’t know, my mentor and blogging role model is Ruth Morgan of Chapel Hill Snippets.

I always learn from the many AMAZING therapists I work with in my school district. This is one example of some awesome therapy targeting FUNCTIONAL COMMUNICATION by the talented Ruth Morgan.

Ruth was working with a student using an AAC device. She provided the student with several motivating activities, but did not provide all of the materials (e.g markers) so the student could complete the activity. Ruth modeled (aided language input) the target item on the device for the student, then helped the student go into to classroom and ask the classroom staff for the needed materials. The classroom staff provided the student with the needed materials and all was well. WOO HOO for natural consequences! WOO HOO for motivation! 

I think as a school based speech and language pathologist, I have the privilege to see students in several different contexts (in the class, at lunch, at recess, one-on-one…). I have access to so many team members, that I feel like I am prime to deliver some truly functional (best practice) therapy. Yes – it looks different from “traditional” pull-out therapy, but that’s good. Maybe we’ve been hanging onto “traditional therapy” for too long, and it’s time to really think about changing our models to promote best practice.

What do you think?


3 thoughts on “Inspirational (& functional) AAC Therapy

  1. Hello, I am a therapist and also work in schools. I think the pull-out therapy is not that effective, but I am expected to do it. I like your example and am willing to try other ways of doing things. Thanks

    • Thanks, I will be trying different ways. Also, I do mental health therapy, not speech, but pulling the kids out is the same.

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