Bridge to the IEP

Before I had my own blog to share ideas, I did some guest blogging with the help of my colleague and AT guru – Jim Tignor. I wanted to explore the topic of related services and how we fit into the IEP. Here’s what I think:

Basically, the IEP is a bridge to close the gap between where the student is functioning and the Common Core standards (in most cases). Related services (including SLP, PT, OT, and AT) are needed when a student can’t even access the bridge. These services are the on-ramp to the bridge. Once a student is on the bridge, these supports can be removed. A student may still have language deficits, but these deficits may not keep him/her from getting on that bridge.


Check out the full-length feature (with pictures!) here:

I’m curious as to how other school based professionals view related service supports. Are there any other theories out there?


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